Anti-Keto Agenda

Anti-Keto Agenda

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on keto, and not because of the normal reasons of the diet, but because of the social pressures. It has become more accepted in the last two years, however there is a lot of anti ketogenic push from the medical community who are still stuck on the “old” thought patterns and where large companies have been known to sponsor certain types of research.

There isn’t much research available compared to the traditional SAD (standard american diet) because of lack of funding. There is a significant correlation to the timing of processed foods, reduction of fat from foods and the increase on diabetes overall in the american population. The interesting part is when you look at low fat foods, they are often flooded with sugar, to make them taste better.

Even with the rise in Ketogenic marketing and foods available for the ketogenic lifestyle, its interesting to see how many people are still boldly against a ketogenic diet. Not every diet and lifestyle is perfect for every person, and that is important to understand, at the same time understanding the fundamentals why the diet works is just as important. Paying $100 a month for a diet in a can three times a day is a waste of money. While it may work…. it is poorly executed if you cannot explain to someone why it works. We want to be able to coach you to the point you can at least explain the basics of how keto works.

If you are armed with knowledge of how the diet works, then you are able to speak up against anti-ketogenic nay-sayers with some confidence, and that is important to keep you on the right track. Dieting in general is a mental game, and you must prepare. The more you know, the better you are equipped to battle in your mind.

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