Beginning 2019

Beginning 2019

The new year is often a time of reflection. What did I do last year, what did I accomplish. How could I have done better. This is often followed by I will do better. Gyms are packed for January, to the point that I often freeze my membership for January and February until everyone has fallen off of their new years resolutions to get in shape then, in early March I go back. A bit extreme, yes but important to note… By March, if not sooner we are off of our goals and back to our normal behavior. 

I tell everyone that asks about staring a ketogenic diet that it is more than a week or two fad. You have to commit to a minimum of a month to see a result. In reality they need to commit to three months at a minimum. That is usually enough to scare most people off. That is because three months  is a long time, we have no clue what is going to happen three months from now. 

Here is the good new, you are in control. You have a say in what direction you go. Its January. You get to point your life in the direction you want it going. It may not always end up facing that direction or to the end destination that you have in mind, but you can steer, and you can use your tools to get your life to that point. 

Keto can help you on your weightloss or healthy life journey.  

Here are a few things to remember:

1. Keto is more than just eating a lot of Fat.
2. ALWAYS check with a doctor BEFORE starting a diet or exercise program
3. Diets are what will change your body shape, exercise will help enhance the process. 
4. Keto is getting publicity because of hollywood and celebrities. Do your research! Use viable information. We suggest good research like that found here! We use this book as one of our primary text books! The Ketogenic Bible on Amazon 

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