Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is coffee with butter and MCT oil added to get Medium Chain triglycerides added to your diet for a fast boost of energy. The issue isn’t with BPC, the issue is with people. Consumers enjoy consuming things. We take a good thing and make it bad. We eat and eat and eat until we are fat. BPC is no different. So here is the thing. You want to make a bulletproof coffee, do it. Please enjoy. But don’t do it 3 times a day. It is not something that is life sustaining. 

Keto is not about the Fat!

The think with the ketogenic diet is that people focus too much on the fat content and not enough on the carbohydrates. They feel that fat is the key to the diet and that eating high fat will help them lose weight.


Keto burns fat for fuel! Your body fat! You need to eat fat if you feel hungry or sluggish. That is where the BPC comes in. Boosts of energy for feeling sluggish or hungry. It is a liquid Fat Bomb! Its a way to fill you up quickly while also getting some energy boosting MCTs in there too. An important thing to do that is often overlooked is to track your macros. 

Enter your Fat content that is consumed with the BPC as part of your process to make sure your not going over you daily fat content. Going too high on fat may keep you from losing weight like you are looking to do.  If you are interested in our Bulletproof Coffee Recipe it is available to our premium subscribers here.

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