Keto and Poop

Keto and Poop

You have decided that you want to Keto on. You have successfully restricted your diet to 20-25 grams of carbohydrates per day and eating only when hungry. You may have even dabbled in using a Ketogenic calculator to figure out how many calories, you need per day broken down into grams of carbs (25g), Fat, and Protein. 

You have made it through the Keto Flu and realized that you haven’t sat on the toilet for a few days. This can be a major issue. You quickly realize you have been eating a lot of protein but not enough fiber so you slam a bunch of fiber down hoping that you will be able to get something out. 


Just pain. You feel like something is going to rip. 

Yes, this is a horrible feeling and one I have been through more than once. Learn from my mistakes. It isn’t about the amount of fiber you eat. That isn’t digestible and will just clog you up at this point. Because your body is dumping water from the cells you are likely not drinking enough water and dehydrated. 

Go… now! Drink as much water as you can. Do it often. You need to ensure you are drinking at least 8 cups a day…. MINIMUM! This is not optional! In addition, you need to ensure you are getting your electrolytes. These are important for basic operational functions of the body and you will feel sluggish and sick if you do not supplement these into your body. 

Keto Constipation happens to most people (especially when they are starting out and forget to drink). The only way to really combat it is to drink extra water. You can try some Milk of Magnesia, or Magnesium which are great for electrolytes, but be careful! 

Coconuts are natural laxatives too! This is where adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to your coffee in the morning for a day or two may really benefit you!

Good Luck, and don’t push too hard.

This is best to be avoided with drinking plenty of water!  

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