Keto Deals on Amazon Spring 2019

Keto Deals on Amazon Spring 2019

Whether you are just getting started with Keto or have been doing it for a while it is always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest deals and keep your pantry stocked. We all know that running out of snacks can be a disastrous condition when the hangry monsters come into play and ravenge us right when we make the determination that we are going to be healthy…

Keto Resources

Remember… knowledge is power! So the first thing I recommend to everyone is a good book, you have seen us recommend this one around here several times and you can get it on Kindle for $9.99. I have personally done just that and think that its is a fantastic resource and worth every penny.

The Ketogenic Bible was written by two guys who really took an exhaustive look at the science of the diet which is important to understand how the diet effect our bodies

Pork Rind Crumbs

Of course you can jump right into making something delicious that you hadn’t thought of. Many recipes call for breading of some kind or coating a chicken breast in bread crumbs. Obviously those aren’t keto, so what’s the alternative? Pork Rinds! Try these on for size.

Not your normal pork rinds, but they look good and taste even better. Make that oven fried chicken the way that grandma made. Or better yet.. southern fried catfish!. No, its not cornmeal, but it is damn tasty. Grab the cajun flavor for a little extra kick.

Keto Hot Cereal

This is an interesting one. When you started your keto journal, you gave up most breakfast items except eggs and bacon…. Now there is something a little different on the menu to try. We stumbled across this on amazon. It’s a little different but worth the try if you are craving the hot cereal in the morning and missing your oatmeal or cream of wheat.

Something to note, there are 4g sugar alcohols in it. So if you are sensitive to these, make sure you read the label to verify that your bowels don’t explode on the way to work. Granted 4g isn’t much but some people are pretty sensitive to some of them. This cereal is mostly coconut, hemp seed, and sunflower seeds so there isn’t much to it. You can get it on Amazon

Exogenous Ketones

We do not push the supplementation of ketones from the outside. We believe that the body is able to produce enough to power itself except under extreme circumstances. But, if people would like to try them, that is their free will and we will not stop them and hence we will provide them with what we have tried and enjoyed. We saw a positive spike in ketone levels with this ketone supplement. It was not the most pleasurable experience, a little salty, but overall tolerable. These are often that way, they do take some getting used to.

Perfect Keto is a well liked brand and offers many products. Their chocolate is pretty good, they also offer collagen peptides, and electrolyte pills. We have issues with every product for various reasons but the electrolyte pills would be great for someone who just feels that they cannot ingest enough sodium, magnesium, or potassium from their diet. We suggest you do your research prior to taking such supplements.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is great for MCT in your body, but its also great for cooking and moisturizing your skin. If you have dogs, its good for their coats as well. Be sure to keep a jar on hand and if you are feeling hungry add a small spoonful to a cup of coffee.

Just remember not too much… It can really give you some stomach problems if you put too much in. A little bit at a time will go a long way.

As you move on in your ketogenic lifestyle you will learn what works best for you and when to stock up on certain items. The important thing is planning meals. Some people plan an entire week ahead and prep them so they can grab and go. Other people fly by the seat of their pants.

Whatever you do, we want to help coach you to your best ketogenic life.

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