Measuring Ketones

Measuring Ketones

Many people new to Keto are out looking for information, and unfortunately they are grasping for anything they can find. This means that sometimes the information will be bad and that present poor choices or simply a waste of time or energy. One idea about determining if a person is in ketosis or not is how to measure ketone bodies.

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Urine
  2. Breath
  3. Blood
The way that most people opt for is the cheapest and easiest, the urine test strips. You can get these from GNC, CVS, or Amazon.

These test strips are designed to test for acetoacetate (AcAc) in your urine. This is a Ketone body that your body releases in your urine when you are in ketosis. 

These urinalysis strips are easily flawed however. Foods can skew the results as well as the amount of water drank, time of day tested, supplements taken, or even last time you urinated. The tests are not a guarantee but are a visual representation to help you if you need such encouragement. 

After being on keto for a month or two, you may notice the results of the urine test to disappear completely, as your body becomes keto adapted and efficient at burning ketone bodies for fuel so there are less in your waste to be picked up on the test strips.

The breathalyzers seem to be a good indicator as to whether ketosis is happening or not but are very expensive often ranging in prices well over $100 starting. The accuracy of such devices have not been verified yet but as they continue to move main stream the pricing will surely come down.

Blood testing is the most effective way to measure ketones, however requires test strips, and a prick of the finger to test similar to glucose testing. Both the strips and test kits are expensive unnecessary for the average dieter. 

If you are looking to check to see your ketone levels, you should look into the breathalyzer or the urine strips and be aware of the costs associated with each. 

Ultimately understand the secret to tracking ketones bodies… you don’t need to in the general sense. You should be tracking your carbohydrates. Stay under your macro goals, and you WILL be in keto!

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