Taking On The Keto Flu

Taking On The Keto Flu

The ketogenic diet transitions your fuel source from carbohydrates to ketones which shifts how the body processes and uses its resources. In order to produce ketone bodies, it has to burn fat and that fat comes from two sources: our diet and our stored cells. If you are doing the diet to trim down your size, then you have to eat at a deficit to lose weight.

This deficit will cause your body to pull from your fat cells and burn your body fat for energy, replacing those fat cells with water. Then your body will flush the water out. You will notice when you start Keto you will have to pee a lot more and you will be thirsty. This will result in an decrease in body salts (Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium) and you will want to replenish these. You will continue to release these throughout your ketogenic journey but especially within these first few days as you get used to your new diet.

Note that Vomiting is not part of the ketogenic flu and if you are experiencing this, you need to seek medical attention.

Losing the extra body salts will make you feel tired, irritable and even cause muscle spasms and cramps which can be quite painful. While you can add extra salt back to your diet, getting enough from diet alone is possible with the right balance of leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Pork also is high in potassium.

If you are lifting weights, you may want to look to external supplementation for potassium and magnesium as well. It will help you reach your goals and help you feel so sick in the first few day as well as during heavy lifting periods.

Chicken broth is a great resource to get extra sodium during this time and works wonders to make you feel better. It is amazing how much low electrolytes have on making you feel sluggish, tired, and irritable when on keto. Keep this in mind when you are starting out. It can make a great difference for success.

We have not tried this product but found this supplement that looked promising if our readers were interested in it called Snake Juice Keto Electrolye Powder


The Key to getting past the first 48 hours and sticking with the diet is to have a plan. You need to understand how ketosis works in the body and why it works. Knowledge is power! The more you understand about it, you more you are equipped to understand what is going on with your own body and how to deal with it. As your body craves for electrolytes you will know you need to feed it some potassium or thirsts for extra hydration, you will need to drink extra water.

As you exit the first week and round into the second the flu should dissipate, however, the lack of electrolytes will continue to follow you throughout your journey. You will need to keep an weary eye on your mood and feelings as you change what you eat as it will be obvious if you become sluggish, irritable and begin to get muscle cramps again that your electrolytes are beginning to deplete again.

Let me emphasize this if you are exercising. You should be supplementing your electrolytes! You are likely sweating them out in addition to normal excretions. You will need to continue to do this so make proper gains and to ensure proper bodily functionality. You should be getting roughly 2-4 g of Potassium a day. Most pills have 99mg… just so you know. Pick up some salt substitute from the grocery store if you have to.

Remember 1 mg of table salt does not equal 1mg of sodium. Some people tend to think that. Take the time to measure it out and do the calculations.

It will become second nature very fast and become quite easy to figure out when you can listen to what your body is able to tell you.

Keto on.

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